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Is an organic compound primarily used as a raw mentioned in the manufacture of polyester fibers and fabric industry.

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)

Properties Spec,Value Unit Test Method
Purity 99.8 MIN WT% ASTM E-202
Di ethylene Glycol 0.08 MAX WT% ASTM E-202
Water Content 0.08 MAX WT% ASTM E-203
Acidity as Acetic Acid 10 MAX PPM WT% ASTM D-1613
ASH 0.005 MAX gr/100ML DC-254A
Chlorides as Chlorine Ion 0.1 MAX PPM WT% EO-635
Aldehydes as Acetaldehyde 10 MAX PPM WT% DC-163C
Iron 0.1 MAX PPM WT% ASTM E-202
Color 5 MAX Pt-Co ASTM D-1209
SP.GR.@20/20°c 1.1151-1,1156 --- ASTM D-891
(5-95 vol%) 1 MAX °C ASTM D-1078
Distillation@760mm Hg IBP 196 MIN °C ASTM D-1078
DP 199 MAX °C ASTM D-1078
UV Transmittance @ 220 nm 70 MIN T% EO-577A
@ 275 nm 95 MIN T%
@ 350 nm 99 MIN T%

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